Oracle Readings

Comfort Your Soul in Dunedin, FL, is a dream come true for Judy Hitchman, MSW, DD, ZRM.  After 20 plus years of teaching, providing family therapy and working in research and healthcare, she is following her bliss and sharing her expertise in tarot, Reiki, crystals, and jewelry.

Oracle Readings


Oracle Reading
from 40.00

Oracle readings can be scheduled by e-mail, telephone or Skype.  Fees are paid in advance.

Monthly readings can be scheduled for a reduced fee of $60.00 per hour for a monthly reading, with an initial commitment of three months.

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Oracles were evident at Delphi, Greece,  thousands of years ago.  The Oracles were women who answered questions by asking questions and interpreting dreams.  Today, the use of Oracles has come under scrutiny mostly due to myths and misinformation.  Judy Hitchman has studied Oracles for over 30 years and has amassed a collection of diverse Oracles numbering in 55 decks to choose from.  She has become a Certified Reader and Teacher of the Voyager Tarot system that was developed by James Wanless, Ph.D., in order to present symbols that relate to life in the 21st Century.  The visuals are ethnically diverse and gender equal.  Voyager allows the client to access connections with their Inner Wisdom.  It is empowering.  Judy brings 25 years experience as a therapist to all sessions which are confidential.

Another option is to look at life balance using the Sustain Your Life deck.  Judith is also a Certified Intuitive Counselor in this system that encourages looking at all aspects of a person’s life to Live Long, Be Healthy and Prosper!