Comfort Your Soul in Dunedin, FL, is a dream come true for Judy Hitchman, MSW, DD, ZRM.  After 20 plus years of teaching, providing family therapy and working in research and healthcare, she is following her bliss and sharing her expertise in tarot, Reiki, crystals, and jewelry.



I have the greatest friends.  I have recently been blessed with a set of Aura Soma balance bottles so I can now offer Aura Soma readings.  Aura Soma was created in England by Vicky Wall, a herbaist who became blind and channeled over 100 beautiful bottles with a mixture of herbs and crystal energy in a bottle of oils and water.  These bottles offer color therapy just by sight but also can be applied to the physical body..  Each bottle is associated with an archangel, ascended master, a tarot card or chakra.  They are beautifully magical.  You choose 4 bottles that express your soul's destiny, karmic challenges or gifts, how you are progressing on your path and where you are headed for.  You can learn more on the webpage of Aura Soma.  Looking forward to sharing the bottles with all in the Tampa/Dunedin area,