Comfort Your Soul in Dunedin, FL, is a dream come true for Judy Hitchman, MSW, DD, ZRM.  After 20 plus years of teaching, providing family therapy and working in research and healthcare, she is following her bliss and sharing her expertise in tarot, Reiki, crystals, and jewelry.



I apologize to all for missing so much time on my blog.  Health issues sent me to the hospital and a long recovery, however, I am back and excited to update you on my next adventure.  I have been accepted to host a Tarosophy Tarot House in Gulf Shores.  What is a Tarot House?  It is like a dojo for karate---all can come and learn more about tarot--all levels from curious, to beginner to advanced.  Monthly get togethers offer opportunities to practice skills, learn new information, see all the wonderful new artwork and new decks AND have a good time meeting people who are interested in expanding their self awareness through tarot!  The first meeting will be informational:  how to join, what to expect, etc.  The meeting is on Friday, July 25, 2p14 at the Thomas B. Norton Public Library in Gulf Shores, Al from 2:00 to 3:30 PM.  check out the facebook page Tarosophy Tarot House Gulf Shores for updates.  Hope to see you there!