Comfort Your Soul in Dunedin, FL, is a dream come true for Judy Hitchman, MSW, DD, ZRM.  After 20 plus years of teaching, providing family therapy and working in research and healthcare, she is following her bliss and sharing her expertise in tarot, Reiki, crystals, and jewelry.


Christmas Time is Here! Hanukkah too! Celebrate the Solstice!

Time for presents, lights, trees, menorahs, and gifts of love and appreciation. We can skip the snow!  Book a zodiac reading (a card for every month of 2015) by phone or email and receive a Doreen Virtue oracle deck free.  Give someone a reading as a gift.  Too busy with all the holiday plans?  Book for early January 2015.

In the meantime, have a wonder FULL time, day by day, drinking in the wonder of children's eyes gazing at the lights, meaningful songs of the time, listening to the stories of holidays past.  Take each moment and store it in your heart.  Whatever holiday you are celebrating, do it with passion and gratitude!  Blessed Be!