Comfort Your Soul in Dunedin, FL, is a dream come true for Judy Hitchman, MSW, DD, ZRM.  After 20 plus years of teaching, providing family therapy and working in research and healthcare, she is following her bliss and sharing her expertise in tarot, Reiki, crystals, and jewelry.


THAT deck!!

After my first reading, I arranged to go to a metaphysical store in Omaha, NE, an hour drive from my home.  They had many decks to choose from but none open so you had to look at the box and read the text on the box to try to figure out what they were about.  My finances at that time were very limited so I was looking for something no more than $15-20.  I looked at Thoth and felt it was too "dark".  Just a feeling.  I looked at Rider-Waite and was turned off by the swords, horses, and older images of Europe (just my interpretation at that time).  I was drawn to Voyager by James Wanless.  The dark blue color, the images were modern and seemed to draw me in!  However, the deck was $30.  Too much.  I kept looking.  Then a woman offered to help.  She told me I "shouldn't" be buying my own deck.  My inner rebel was instantly awake.  I kept looking, determined to not leave without a deck in hand.  Then I saw the round deck by Vicki Noble.  Round was appealing.  Woman focused was appealing.  I saw an image of three woman sitting around a two friends with me affirmed..."It's US".  Price was right.  DONE!  But deep in my heart, I knew I must return after saving my pennies to purchase the Voyager.  I was so drawn to its imagery.  

When I got home and opened the round deck, it felt good.  No reversals...tilts!  I read the accompanying book.  I began to touch and look up the meaning of each card.  Nice.  They were nice.  But where was the passion?  Where was my movie that began inside?  I knew...I had found my deck and I must return as soon as possible to get the Voyager deck.  I also knew that someday I would meet James Wanless and tell him my story of finding MY Deck!  

Watch next week for the REST OF THE STORY!